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2010-01-15 02:22 Created Control flow in scripting
Component Scripting
Severity Enhancement
Comment E.g. support for conditions like:
* if file xxx exists do that
* if file xxx is a file do that
* if file xxx is a direcotry do that

* if the above command suceeded set winscp exitcode to x
* if the above command failed set winscp exitcode to x

This is not planned at all atm. We are not going to implement yet another scripting language.

See documentation to learn how to use WinSCP from common scripting (and other) languages:
Comment https://winscp.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7906
2012-08-02 15:33 Status RESOLVED
Resolution DUPLICATE
Comment Use .NET assembly instead

This bug has been marked as a duplicate of Bug 147.