How do I transfer my settings to another computer? How do I import/export my settings?

When source computer is still running

In case the source system is still online, please read documentation.

When source computer is not running anymore

In case the source system is not online anymore, but you have an access to its data, you need to use 3rd party tool to open your registry file. You can try MiTeC Windows Registry Recovery. Follow these steps:

  • Go to File > Open.
  • Locate registry hive file of your account. It is typically located in C:\Users\username\ntuser.dat (or C:\Documents and Settings\username\ntuser.dat in Windows XP and older). Note that the file is usually hidden.
  • Go to Explore > Raw Data.
  • Locate key Software/Martin Prikryl/WinSCP 2
  • Go to File > Export to REGEDIT4 format.
  • On Export to REGEDIT4 dialog, select HKEY_CURRENT_USER and check both Only selected key and Cut off root key name.
  • Save export to file of your choice.
  • Transfer the file to target system.
  • Import the registry export by opening it (double-click).


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