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WinSCP 5.15 is a major application update. New features and enhancements include:

  • Files can be optionally encrypted when storing them on SFTP server.
  • Local UNC paths can be browsed.
  • Compare Files extensions.
  • Dark theme.
  • Files can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Coloring files in file panels based on a file mask.
  • Improved incremental search in file panels.
  • Support OpenSSH AES-256-CTR-encrypted keys.
  • Improvements to directory synchronization.


Portable executables

7.5 MB
27,079 downloads since release

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.NET assembly / COM library

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2,597 downloads since release

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Source code

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729 downloads since release

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Download PuTTY 0.72


WinSCP can closely cooperate with PuTTY SSH client and its companion tools, PuTTYgen key generator and Pageant authentication agent.

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