File Mask/Wildcard

Some Session class methods manipulating files accept a file mask/wildcard rather than filename in the path argument. The methods include:


To avoid the methods to interpret the special characters in the path as a mask, use the RemotePath.EscapeFileMask method to escape the special characters. This is particularly important, when you use variable paths.

For example, if your file is named filewithstar*.txt, passing such name directly to Session.GetFiles would download all files with name starting filewithstar and .txt extension, not only filewithstar*.txt. The RemotePath.EscapeFileMask converts the name to unambiguous mask filewithstar[*].txt, that matches only the filewithstar*.txt.

It is an error, when you use path to a file that does not exist with above methods. Though, it is not an error when you use a mask that does not match any file (the directory used with the mask still needs to exist).

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