Sponsoring WinSCP Development

Donating To Support WinSCP Development

WinSCP is completely free application, licensed under GPL, and it will remain so in the future. Users do not have to pay anything for downloading it and using it. However any donation is appreciated!

Sponsoring WinSCP Release

If you represent a company, you may still donate, or you may consider to become a release sponsor. As a release sponsor, you will have an opportunity to promote your product or service during WinSCP installation process. Note, that we explicitly do not mean bundling and installing another software during WinSCP installation.

Release sponsor provides an image to be shown during WinSCP installation and a landing page URL to get more information from release sponsor in English. We will display this image to all users installing WinSCP, who have internet access during installation and have chosen their installation language to be English. The image will be shown in the WinSCP Installer, after a successful WinSCP installation. Below this image there will be a clickable link to get more information about the sponsor, linking to the URL you have provided. The user will have option to close installation without clicking any links.

Optionally, release sponsor may decide to provide image and link also in another language.

The release sponsorship has form of a fixed payment, payable at the beginning of the period of sponsoring. While we sincerely appreciate all support, for release sponsorship we would currently consider only offers above 3000 USD for 2 months or 4000 USD for 3 months, always fully prepaid.

Become Next Release Sponsor

To get more details about sponsoring next WinSCP release, contact us.

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