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WinSCP Installer

WinSCP installer wizard is used to install and upgrade (or downgrade) WinSCP application.

You can download the installer from WinSCP download page.


Install Mode

You can install WinSCP:

  • for all users: This requires Administrator privileges. It makes WinSCP available for all users of the local machine. WinSCP will install by default to %ProgramFiles(x86)%, i.e. typically to C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP.
  • for you only: WinSCP will be available to the current logged-in local account only. WinSCP will install by default to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs, i.e. typically to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Programs\WinSCP.

If you choose to install WinSCP for all users, WinSCP installer require administrator privileges, so that it can install files in Program Files folder, create shortcuts for all users, etc.

For this reason the User Account Control (UAC) prompt pops up:


Check that the Verified publisher is “Martin Prikryl” and confirm that you agree with the installation by clicking the Yes button.

If you want to verify a certificate used to sign the installer, click Show more details and then Show information about the publisher’s certificate.1


WinSCP installer has several pages that represent steps of the installation process:


Use buttons on the bottom of the installer window to control the installation process.

Use Accept/Next/Install/Finish button to proceed with the installation.

Use Back button to return to the previous page.

Use Cancel button to abort the installation.

  1. On Windows 8 and older the labels are Show details and Show information about this publisher’s certificate respectively. The certificate cannot be verified this way on Windows Vista and older. On these versions, you can verify the certificate in Windows File Explorer before starting the installer.Back

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