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Editor Preferences Dialog

You will see Editor Preferences dialog when you want to add or edit editor from Editors tab of Preferences dialog.


Editor Type

Select if you want to use internal editor, external editor or application associated with file type in Windows Explorer1.

When you want to use external editor, you need to specify path to its executable. Use Browse button to locate the executable. When typing path manually do not forget to add quotes around path containing spaces. If you need you may specify a command-line parameters for your editor. Use pattern !.! to specify where should WinSCP place name of the file to edit (quotes around filename containing spaces are added automatically).

Editor Autoselection

If you want use different editors for different file-types, specify file mask matching file(s) (or file-types) to be associated with the particular editor. The first editor, whose autoselection mask matches name of edited file, will be used. The order of editors is defined on Editors tab of Preferences dialog.

External Editor Options

The External editor opens each file in separate window (process) checkbox disabled special behaviour needed to support editors that open multiple files in one window.

The Force text transfer mode for files edited in external editor checkbox by default forces text transfer mode for transfers to/from external editor. When unchecked the configured transfer mode will be used. Learn more about editing binary files in an external editor. Note that text mode is always forced for internal editor.


Options for internal editor are global (configured on Editors tab of Preferences dialog).

  1. The Associated application option is useful if you want to override default association for certain types. Make sure Edit is default operation for double-click, configure your exceptional editors and set catch-all (*.*) fallback rule with Associated application. The option may be useful also if you want to use default associated application, but you want to use non-default editor preference options.Back

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