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Session Tab (Login Dialog)

Session tab contains the most basic session options.


Session Group

The Host name box is where you type the name, or the IP address, of the server you want to connect to. Host name is the only mandatory box that must be filled for a session to open.

The Username box is where you type your account name on the server. If you do not fill the username and it needs to be known to complete authentication (most cases), you will be prompted for username then. Typical username for anonymous login with FTP protocol is anonymous.

The Port number box lets you specify which port number on the server to connect to. SSH protocol uses port number 22 by default. FTP protocol uses port number 21 by default. FTPS protocol with implicit encryption uses port number 990 by default.

The Password box is for the password associated with the account. You are advised not to fill it in if you are going to save the session to stored session list. Also do not fill the password if you are going to use other authentication method (like public key). If you do not fill the password and other authentication methods fail (password has the lowest preference), you will be prompted for password then. Typical password for anonymous login with FTP protocol is your email address. Password storing can be restricted by system administrator.

Use the Private key file box to specify local path to your private key file if you are going to use public key authentication. The file must be in PuTTY format. If the private key is passphrase-protected, you will be prompted for passphrase once the authentication begins. If you have your private keys loaded into Pageant, leave the box blank, unless you want to ensure that only that particular key is used for authentication.

The passphase cannot be entered in advance on Login dialog and thus it cannot be saved to stored session. If you need to login to server automatically without prompt, generate key without passphrase. Use this method carefully and only under special circumstances.

Protocol Group

The File protocol selection lets you choose transfer protocol.


By default SFTP is selected with option Allow SCP fallback enabled. With the option selected, WinSCP tries to find SFTP server and when it fails it initiates SCP protocol. Note that when fallback is disabled, WinSCP tries harder using non-standard methods to find the SFTP server. It is necessary to allow SFTP on SSH-1 server (read SFTP requirements for more).

When FTP protocol is selected, you can further specify to use basic unsecured variant (No encryption) or one of three methods to invoke FTPS.

You can see the protocol actually used on the Server and Protocol Information Dialog.

Select Color

Use Select color button to associate a color with the session.

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