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Yes, for now at least that is the workflow since that's how the system I'm replacing was designed. Thank you for the template mask reference; I'll look at that. Perhaps the best solution is to have the download script download to a temp directory then move to the upload directory once complete. I can look into that as well.

Thank you for your assistance,


Re: Avoiding FIleparts

Do you mean that you have two scripts that run parallel? One downloading files to some local folder and another uploading them from the same local folder elsewhere?
WinSCP uploads all files it finds. But you can use file mask to exclude some.
Use TransferOptions.FileMask:

Avoiding FIleparts

Martin and community,

I have a common situation. I have a server in the DMZ that hosts a series of WinSCP scripts harvesting data files from providers. We then push those files across the firewall to the network for processing using SFTP. I need to replace the aging python script that manages the push internally. Writing the script is relatively trivial, but I'm concerned with moving a still-downloading "filepart" file.

Since both pieces will now be WinSCP, does the Session.PutFiles "know" not to transfer "filepart" files? Can it be made to? Am I better off just downloading to a temporary directory and moving to the live directory upon full download?