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-batch=continue does not appear to work with

VBA and closed Port

  • 2021-10-14 15:13
  • OKL

Deletion of files within folders in root folder

How to delete x days older folder

Check if files are uploaded successfuly

Sync script running from Veeam backup job - Permission issues

Copying files in certain order

Prompted for Credentials

Notification on failed connection

ERROR: Peer certificate rejected | How do i accept the certificate ?

  • 2021-10-05 13:47
  • irateb

Automation Sync both dirs

Exclude files from download via filemask

Directory Synchronization - System cannot find the path specified

Need to execute a program on the FTP server after uploading files. Need Help

The value supplied is not valid, or the property is read-only. Change the value, and then try again

Send a file by sftp to a clustered server

I can't assign files with batch file, it stays in the folder.

  • 2021-09-23 17:40
  • Guest

Host "C" does not exist - trying to synch FTP

How to send a directory folder to FTP

get -delete removes files and folder, but gives error message that the folder does not exist

About ssh-rsa 4096 hostkey

Scheduling not works on Windows Server 2016

how to sign in as root?

Getting SECOND newest file?

Script get doesn't work but the same work on console

Problem with space in folder name

Only download files from root, not from subfolders

Issue with passing command line parameter (path) with space

System Error. Code: 5.

Upload site changes fingerprint (certificate) every 6 months - how to automate this?

Common line -delete switch option?

WinSCP wildcard GET not findings files

Modified date and time of downloaded files are wrong

PowerShell options

How to sign in as root?

How to pass password value dynamical or mask password

Error Code 2. The System cannot find the file specified

How to set session defaults, like Compression, in winscp.ini

0x800401D0 Error when using GenerateHttpUrl.WinSCPextension.ps1

Possible multiple Authentications?

Exclude certain subdirectories on synchronization?

Generate session URL from command line?

get -delete * Issue

FTP Script quit working

S3 Google Bucket access

Upload happening multiple times?

Turn off Optimize connection buffer size

Using the command line interface – how to disable the listing of a remote directory?

Can I program WinSCP with VBA?

Able to send files to OpenSSH server from a client, but unable to see files after transfer

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