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Re: Which ciphers are being used?

Thanks Martin. Although the connection is working now, the vendor is restricting the ciphers to those mentioned in my original post. That happens at the end of the month. So I need to know if my current configuration will continue to work after the change.

Re: Which ciphers are being used?

Though if they require specific ciphers, I assume their server does not allow any other. So if you can connect with WinSCP at all, it means that it uses the ciphers that they require.

Which ciphers are being used?

We have a vendor that we download information from using SFTP. They require that we use one of the following ciphers:
· AES256-SHA256
I've read through the documentation, but can't figure out where to find which cipher(s) we are using. Can anyone tell me where to find that?
We are on Version 5.13.8