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Feature: Use directory size from server (if provided)

  • 2024-04-19 01:16
  • Guest

Trying to open a text file, and I get ""Could not retrieve file information" error

  • 2024-04-19 00:44
  • Dooz

session.SynchronizeDirectories can not be stopped if its started?

Incorrect MAC received on packet

Reduce the number of "children" dots in Tree view

AWS support for roles

Access denied

Winget WinSCP.WinSCP package reflecting 6.3.2 version still, should raised to 6.3.3

Issue after configuring WinSCP to use SFTP and port 22

WinSCP .NET VB: Can't get attributes of file

WinSCP Use of PCRE Library from BlackDuck Scan

File mask for excluding folders from synchronization

サポート期間について About support period

Download notes for 6.3.3 and CVE-2024-31497

Urgent Request: CVE-2024-31497 Patch for WinSCP all Versions <= 6.3.2

Received too large SFTP packet

automatically changes to PORT

How to delete my account on

501 Server cannot accept argument

Can't exclude directories in command line

Certificate error

Error 0x80004005 when copying files to local directory after copying from remote dir

How do I download application on a Mac

Servers sent passive reply with unroutable Address

Configuring "Advanced Site Settings" via command line

Network error: Permission denied when open a session.

  • 2024-04-10 07:49
  • Gérard

XML logging for file transfers only

timeout setting not working

SQL Server stored procedures suddenly cannot run WinSCP

What to add to this link to make it use tsl

FTP explicit TLS connection problem with some minimal TLS versions

WinSCP connection fails "publickey RSA signature unverified: incorrect signature" after OS upgrade

Stack Trace when copying PS1 roms to Ras Pi 2 Model B (Batocera BCM2836-36-20230311)

Start window opens a fake session window

  • 2024-04-05 16:16
  • D

How to set up encrypted SFTP connection with PuTTY on WinSCP?

Disable function

Password Not Working

Timeout detected. Could not retrieve directory listing

Permission denied

  • 2024-04-03 09:26
  • Guest

Resuming transfers

Annoying confirmation when dragging from remote to local

WinSCP keeps scrolling

Auto update and 4x voting not working although I donated many hours ago

WinSCP - open image as text editor (FTP)

Removing users from WinSCP

WinSCP hangs

Latest version upgrade issue with Connection popup.

How to indicate that file is not sending to server?

Browser Hijacker installed after WinSCP install

PuTTY auto login does not work anymore after update to v 6.3.2

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