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Re: Log File

Sorry, I didn't notice. The server does not behave like a WebDAV server. Sorry, I do not know how to help you.

Log File


I posted it with the original post. If you need something else, please do not hesitate to ask, and thank you (once again).

Re: Logging

So post at least the WinSCP session log file.


First off, thank you so much for responding to my question.

I searched both documentation and online for information on the possibility of having Respondus 4.0 log information. Unfortunately, it does not have that capability. Again, thank you - your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Re: Configuration Problems

Can you post WinSCP log file?
Can your Respondus do logging? Can you post its log too?

Configuration Problems


I have used WinSCP for about a year now and I have never (ever) had it not work flawlessly (I have the current version 5.17.6 Build 10516). I recommend it to everyone. This is not a bug report but an issue re: my ignorance.

With the COVID crisis I have begun moving all of my classes online. I am currently using Moodle Rooms for my online classes. Instead of always logging into Moodle Rooms and uploading a file with small changes, I would love to FTP into the site and just replace/add the file.

Stupidly(?), knowing that my Respondus Software -- -- (which allows for the creation and uploading of tests directly into my course shell, I got the "brilliant" idea to use the login information from Respondus and enter it into WinSCP configuration (Respondus sends the test directly into my specific course -- and right into the module - section -- I want).

My problem -- I THINK that I am actually getting into the Moodle Room server using WinSCP using this information, but I am unable to upload any file ("Error Message 405 Method not allowed"). I know that this is an error on my part -- not your program -- but any clarification as to how to work around this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and I apologize for bothering you.