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Hi Martin, I am attaching a screen shot of the GUI. The files in colored blue is what has been successfully downloaded from the GUI.

I am using Task Scheduler to launch a batch file.

My account is a Local Admin account and does have access to the folder.

Appreciate any insight you may have.

(EOSError) System Error. Code: 5.

Attached is the Batch file, Script File, and Log file.

Re: System Error. Code: 5. Access is denied

Please post session log files both from the script and the GUI.

System Error. Code: 5. Access is denied

Hello all,
I am getting the above error when running the following script command:
get -delete DSOLGCUS.CX.* \\network\Share\LockBox\CB\Vault\

Essentially, I am wanting to copy from the destination folder to a local folder on our network and delete the file after the copy has been completed.

The account that I am running this on is an admin account.
I can perform the download and delete function within the GUI.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.