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AddRawConfiguration what is the correct syntax to use

Hi All
I have a program that has worked well for a number of years but the FTP server has changed and I now need to add an option. By using the GUI I have worked out I need to change the “Preserver timestamp” from enabled to disabled, I removing the tick from the check box in the GUI and could then manually transfer a file. From reading the documentation and guides it look like I can change the setting using the AddRawConfiguration to the Session but I have not been able to work out the correct syntax to use.

Program written in VB using the .NET DLL (WinSCPnet.dll)
WinSCP upgraded to 5.17.6
Automation package updated to the same version

I have tried the following but I am not sure if it is correct
session.AddRawConfiguration("Interface\CopyParam\PreserverTime", "0")

I would be grateful if anybody can help with the correct syntax

Thanks Graham