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.NET assembly / COM library


Error if I try to connect to an S3

Command Line posts large files, .NET fails

Cannot find .com File

Error moving file

.NET assembly via Task Scheduler

Exception: No handle of the given name exists.

  • 2023-10-26 14:26
  • Guest

PutFiles (SFTP) to mainframe dataset

PowerShell SecurePassword

WinSCP NuGet - Does Not Copy WinSCP.exe

assembly 'System.Threading.AccessControl issue on Business Central v22.0

Read private key from string (not file)

Call scripting/console interface from .NET API?

".archive" directory created after file upload

Problems connecting to WebDAV endpoint - SNI disabled in logs

PowerShell and AddRawData

Dynamics Ax 2009 - The selected file is not a valid .NET assembly

.NET Assembly Version Conflict

SSH host key fingerprint "ssh-ed25519 255 xxxxxxx" does not match pattern /((ssh-rsa|ssh-dss|ssh...

WinSCP process terminated with exit code 3

Is WinSCP dlls backwards compatible?

WinSCP-release-6.1.1: TransferOptions:PreserveTimestamp = TRUE ignored?

I get Error "Connection has been unexpectedly closed. Server sent command exit status 2"

SFTP session throwing time out error despite keep-alive enabled

WinSCP.SessionRemoteException Error when connecting with Server

WinSCP process terminated with exit code 3

How to use WinSCP with Azure SSIS integration runtime

WinSCP.exe in .NET Core Lambda function

How to use .NET Assembly / COM Library from Visual FoxPro

C# SFTP Remote Side Panel

How to Configure OpenSSH Server for Use with WinSCP

It Is possiblee with VB.NET ro read and write a text file.

Is Session.PutFileToDirectory available in PowerShell?

Password Security for Scripting

Issue with .NET Automation Connection

  • 2023-06-02 18:18
  • Brendan123

SFTP Put Command

Stream interface in .NET assembly for WebDAV

Interfaces for the classes in the .NET Assembly?

Explicit IEnumerable<T> implementations

  • 2023-05-15 13:36
  • RH

How to retrieve ssh Host key fingerprint without making a connection in WINSCP

WinSCP process terminated with exit code -1073741502 (C0000142)

Unable to Use Key File - (Unable to open file) v5.5.6

  • 2023-05-12 15:28
  • Robert_M

Change remote path before Session.Open(SessionOptions)

"Recursive calls not allowed" error when enumerating files

VBScript include winscpnet.dll error

COM Library with Pageant

Maximum Memory

Temporary Files Are Never Deleted

Connection failed when trying to open a session

  • 2023-02-27 20:59
  • Guest

Keyboard-interactive authentication failed message in log file. Cannot sign on.

Exception when opening session

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