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.NET assembly / COM library


WinSCP sporadically fails on Host key does not match when connecting through tunnel

WinSCP process terminated with exit code 1.

WebDAV Protocol - Error Transferring File 413

Unable to create log file error

Can't get attributes of file '/'.

PowerShell – SFTP / $session.PutFiles - File transfer status

Basic setting up session: Connection has been unexpectedly closed. Server sent command exit status 0

Keyboard-interactive authentication failed

How to enable Authentication logging

C# having trouble using hostkey

Unable to overwrite file using WinSCP dll

Reading debug and log files at runtime

"Requested action not taken" Message when Uploading Files

Error in running dockerized .NET app that uses WinSCP

Download problem in FTP

Transferring file to EBCDIC system (AS/400)

Test if upload is enabled without a file

Winscp.exe fault with .NET Task

Is WinSCP.exe always required even when we refer the DLL?

Unable to connect to FileZilla

unable to download file via SFTP

The version of exe does not match version of this assembly

Works perfectly on my desktop, timesout on the web server.

Download only 'new' or 'modified' files

Test if external FTP server is running without logging in (SSH)

Invalid response to PWD command

ListDirectory with file pattern

Corrupt Last File 0kb

ListDirectory only returns directories and not files

SshHostKeyFingerprint does not match pattern

[Feature request] Don't log ListDirectory items

Catch ssh banner using WinScp .net assembly

GSSAPI/Kerberos Support .NET assembly

How to sudo su - newuser in C#

Only sync todays files

SynchronizeDirectories fails with "Item with the same name already exists"

session.EnumerateRemoteFiles - only enumerate files older than x minutes

session.ExecuteCommand syntax issue/problem

How to exclude files using TransferOptions

delphi 10.3: COM interface --> Import type libray

Network Error: Software caused connection abort()

Caratteri speciali

Keep getting Cannot overwrite remote file

Download files and move after download on to the remote server

.Net Library - Specify the WinSCP.exe Path

Parallel transfers own list

DebugLogLevel 'Reduced' not applying

error using move file when folder is empty

Cannot overwrite remote file

help with excluding subfolder in C#

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