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Re: Save file within same session

Thanks for your suggestion.
We will see, if more people ask for this.

Save file within same session

AWS Sessions Manager tunnels only allows a single session. This means that when connected via a SSM session; files do not save as WinSCP tries (I think) to create a second session for the upload.
Is it possible to save the file within the existing session?

Open SSM session in command window:
aws ssm start-session --profile="myprofile" --target "i-0xxxxxxxxxxx9" --document-name AWS-StartPortForwardingSession --parameters "portNumber=22,localPortNumber=5023"

Starting session with SessionId: botocore-session-15xxxxxx08-04e7xxxxxxxxx9aaf
Port 5023 opened for sessionId botocore-session-15xxxxxx08-04e7xxxxxxxxx9aaf.
Connection accepted for session botocore-session-15xxxxxx08-04e7xxxxxxxxx9aaf.

Can open and edit files but not save.