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Allow skip PuTTY sessions for a connection

Location bookmarks with $VARIABLES

Minimal Logging loglevel= -2

Select absent directories while "compare"

Symbolic Link creator prompt automatically uses file's full path, instead of just the name

WinSCP is truly great

Connecting to SSH Server Using ssh-agent on Windows 11

Support Tabby as an alternative to PuTTY

Lift restriction on number of transfers

Easy button to remember local folders please

INI file preferences to restrict certain functions

odzyskiwanie hasła

Position Sidebar

Displays the creation date and time column.

Can we get full tabs names back?

two way auto synchronization

Enable use of a Master Password to open WinSCP

Synchronize as "stream" to speed up?

Update to PuTTY 0.80 (fixes "Terrapin" SSH vulnerability)

Open Site Manager automatically on startup

Add a new setting to force SNI for WebDAV

Increase tab contrast


Parallellised windows

FIDO Support?

FIDO login with SFTP servers

Amazon S3 Requester Pays Header Checkbox

Equivalent for Mac

  • 2023-11-07 21:27
  • penkuzdui

Use WinSCP as a commander for for TWO remote directories

Move tabs in to second line instead of arrows

Support for extension

Add support for Cryptomator (GPL) compatible file access (aes-256)

Cryptomator Cloud Encryption Support

Mount logic unit as a letter in Windows File Explorer for a Internet storage directory

Client-side Encryption of files

Add support to change max concurrent connections per server save basis

Support for "Windows Hello"

Add support for drive letters like onedrive integration but to own server

  • 2023-10-08 19:57
  • xxx

Allow Login to AWS Athena with Profile from Credentials File

SCP change from Connection error

Disable guessing of protocol based on the port number

Caution dialog display function when moving files and directories

Please separate "New" and "Updated" options in transfer settings.

Please add the ability to CHANGE THE FONT SIZE in the panel that shows the different servers

Mass delete

Tree views

Automatically Refresh Directory BEFORE Operation

Multiple threads

AWS S3 Pre-Signed URL extension please

Better listing of Tabs (side window or multi rows) in WinSCP

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