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Support for FTP HOST Command (RFC 7151)

Copy filename (and/or path) from Synchronization checklist window

allow environment variables in "directory" settings

  • 2019-09-09 20:47
  • saud

Cosmetic bug - on Windows 8, shortcut icons are not displayed

  • 2019-09-05 14:24
  • ks

Remove the requirement to auto-connect

Error message (You don't have permission to access /Tester/ on this server)

How to remove files in deterministic paths after exit?

WinSCP - TotalCommander Plugin?

Allow me to list directories at the bottom, below the file listing, regardless of column sorting

Authenticating with WSL keys (non ppk private keys)?

Tree views

Replace Space character in Underscore on upload

Connection history and switch protocol

When will 64-bit WinSCP plugin to Servant Salamander be available?

Minimize and Restore

Make RemoteFileInfo IComparable

Manta protocol support?

Auto compress files

WinSCP dark theme

Better look in dark mode

Console window font

  • 2019-08-05 10:09
  • ks

Live enable/disable compression

Extremely annoying behavior with SSH recycle bin

Xamarin support

Bug 958 - Portrange for active mode.

Space Available in the StatusBar

Don't display Login dialog when the last session is closed


Transfer Settings, temporary removal of filters

24 hours later I don't want to see an ERROR message saying "Error transferring file"

Improving performance with AES-NI support

FTP Connecting to OS9 68k ancient operating system...

FTP connection lost - automatic repeat - Cancel not possible

Add a working File Custom GUNZIP command

Show path to WinSCP.ini in the title bar

New UI Update Soon?

Open ssh tunnel in ssh tunnel

  • 2019-07-04 12:47
  • useradm

Note box on saved profile

Synchronize both -delete[local|remote]

Synchronize selected directories

Remote to remote

Copy in context menu for files?

how to input password automatically in putty?

An associate wants more friendly error dialogs.

-pw-stdin parameter

Create Shortcut files

winscp MSI for Group Policy

Customizable Themes

Zip and Unzip files

Play Sound after Transfer

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