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Editor window won't open maximized

  • 2020-08-06 22:29
  • Babak

Quick connection

Automatic login for all workspace sessions

support .ssh/config

Support OpenSSH ssh-agent

OpenSSH agent

Login window's search behavior change

WinSCP for Linux

Can this WinSCP work just like NC access local only ?

WinSCP as a file manager

Suggestions: File Manager mode, keyboard shortcuts

Local files browsing

Transfer between two local disc

external harddrive sync

how to: use winscp for local hdd

WinSCP as explorer replacement?

Filter for "Keep local directory up to date"

wget for winscp

Window title for Keep Local Directory up to Date

Progress Bar for Keep Local Directory up to Date

Drag & Drop Moves Instead of Copies

Build the WindowsStore App as native AppContainer

Please allow the Support for Using Windows Terminal's Ubuntu machine as default Bash Client

Cryptomator Cloud Encryption Support


Sorting files by type (files containing only the extension in the name)

Save file within same session

Inverse colors on cursor

open and extract winrar

Preview only HEAD / TAIL of large remote files

  • 2020-06-02 18:00
  • Ynjxsjmh

Default to the temporary directory when regular directories are read-only

Backblaze integration

Any chance you could add Backblaze S3 API as a connection source?

SSH CA for managing Github SSH Certificates

Support SSH CA Certificates as authentication

Pass local home as command line parameter to WinSCP.exe

winscp MSI for Group Policy

Add "Retry" method to QueryReceivedEventArgs Class

Security Token Service support for AWS S3

WinSCP for mac

  • 2020-05-08 13:41
  • larson


Font size

Portable version actually not a portable.

Create MSI installer and GPO deployment how-to guide

  • 2020-04-21 21:15
  • Adidas78

64 bit Version

New option: Auto-touch files when using EDIT

  • 2020-04-20 08:03
  • programedit

Default settings for new FTP/SFTP profiles

Right-Button of Session Tab: "New Session..." with current data

  • 2020-04-18 10:21
  • programedit

Make WinSCP auto-reconnect

Auto change from SFTP to SCP or a button to re-connect with SCP.

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