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PuTTY is not an SFTP client. If no SFTP client work, it's a server-side problem.

i have the same problem when using another client. I can get a working connection with Putty tough.
An exception for WinSCP in my Firewall settings is granted.
Thanky you and best regards

Re: WinSCP times out at reading remote Directory

Can you connect and retrieve the directory contents using any other SFTP client?

WinSCP times out at reading remote Directory

Hello Community,

I need to connect via WinSCP from my Windows Computer at home to a Computer at a University. I am using the Uni VPN to connect to the local network. WinSCP worked fine until suddenly it started to always timeout while reading the remote directory. The authentification works so i think that up to that point the connection works fine. Help would be really appreciated.

I used to use a SFTP connection.

Best Regards