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Thanks for the hint.

Not quite intuitive by design - at least for me.

Issue solved.

Re: Transfer speed limitiation - ordering and more limitation values

It's not a hard-coded list. It's a history of past values. It's sorted by use. You can enter anything you want there. Your new value will be added to the list.

Transfer speed limitiation - ordering and more limitation values

I am using WinSCP 5.17.6 on Windows 10 (2004) Enterprise.

I recommend a slight improvement to the speed limitation dialog on the upload progress window. This is definitely no new topic.

Currently the sorting is "8192, unbegrenzt, 4096, 1024, 64, 2048, 256, 512, 128, 32 ,16 8"

This just seems to be messed up quite a bit. I am using the german localization if that is of any interest. Tested with FTP transmission as I don't have any other server destination type/protocol.

Could you please:
a: update the sorting to a numeric sorting from high to low (as "8" will very likely not be the most preferreed speed limit these days..)
b: Could you also extend this to 16k and 32k? As local network speed may be faster these days too and 8k is very limiting whilst unlimited may influence other networking computers performance. (If this is not limited due to a protocol which requires 2^n steppings for the limit some 10k, 20k, 30k etc. would be nice too.)

Anyways. WinSCP is a great tool. I would be happy to see some changes regarding my topic soon