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Network error resulting in session drop during a file upload fixed by a dummy file download/upload

Using WinSCP 5.17.6 (Build 10516) on Windows server 16 Standard

I was getting "Network error: Software caused connection abort" error message while trying to upload a file of size above 10MB to a remote SFTP server, while using application. I have add and exe to firewall safe list as well.

However, I have by trial and error approach discovered an approach which seemed to help with the upload, but don't know why it works. Can someone help explain why it works and what is the actual solution?

After establishing a connection with the remote server, I downloaded a dummy file from the remote folder and then uploaded the same file back to the server. After that I uploaded the file that I actually want to, and this worked.

Leaving out the download and upload of a dummy file or any other file (has to be the same file though for download and upload) step, results in the error message above.