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Re: @martin

What "task menu" do you refer to?
Can you post a session log file showing those two kinds of refreshes that give different results?

Re: @martin

Thanx, martin for your remark.

I found a funny thing which probably has been known for a while but here is what I found:
clicking on the refresh button in the task menu refreshes the files listed in the GUI window (I'll call them ghost files *). But clicking inside the window, the right click -> refresh makes additional files popping up, that were not shown when clicking the refresh button in the menu bar (I'll call these files X-files **).
After refreshing with right-click inside the window, when I select the * ghost files, WinSCP gives me an error window saying "files not existing!" and then offers me to skip, skip all, cancel, repeat. I choose "skip all", then the * ghost files disappear from the list, leaving only the ** X-files. Seems the X-files are the files that are actually inside the directory, giving the real-time state of the dir content.

So I from now on always and only choose the right-click +refresh inside window method. This way I came a little further and found files that tell me my deployment process is not doing what it should.
This thread can now be closed.

Re: re: @martin

If I understand correctly, you delete some files on remote server, but they come back. It's the server behaviour. WinSCP log file cannot tell us why the files are coming back.

re: @martin

I'm just guessing here with the KeepLocal... file - that's why I wrote it as a question with a question mark.

What this has to do with WinSCP? Well it's occuring within WinSCP and there seems to be some background process running within it that's showing weird behaviour that's why I'm asking.
There must be an information occurring in WinSCP, (Maybe a log file? Maybe a checkbox in the settings?) telling me what is happening in my issue but I don't know where to find it, maybe an updating/re-fetching process or whatever? So I'm asking the experts here, in case somebody encountered a similar issue.

Re: Autodeploy issues

Manta_Fango wrote:

Does this have sth. to do with the "KeepLocalUpToDate"-script?

I do not know. Why are you asking? Are you using the script? Or are you just guessing?
So far, I'm not sure what does the question have to do with WinSCP.

Autodeploy issues

Hello @all,

I got an unnerving issue with the autodeploy functionality.
In the /domainname/autodeploy folder, I got datanameX-input.war, datanameX-output.war, datanameX-input_deployed and datanameX-output_deployed.

Then comes my colleague, deletes the files mentioned above and copy/pastes his datanameY-input.war plus datanameY-output.war into the same folder. Then automatically, his corresponding _undeployed marker files are being generated.

When I come back trying to do the same, deleting his files and pasting mine, there will be automatic marker files generated saying _deployFailed.

In the /generated folder are subfolders containing the name of his files. Every time I delete them they keep coming back out of nowhere and block my autodeployment process.
The files from my colleague are somehow still kept in the background and being recreated. I tried renaming his files, to no avail.

Does this have sth. to do with the "KeepLocalUpToDate"-script?

How can I get rid of this messy behaviour?
I use WinSCP 5.17.6.

Looking forward to your replies