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Re: Rename files after uploads when using "keep remote directory up do date"

The "Keep remote directory up to date" function does allow the renaming. It actually goes again the purpose of the function, as its purpose is synchronization. While your workflow does not end with synchronized folders.

If you need such a custom workflow, you will have to code it. It should not be difficult with PowerShell and WinSCP .NET assembly.

Rename files after uploads when using "keep remote directory up do date"

Hello everyone,

I would like to know whether it is possible to rename local files once they have succesfully transfered to the remote host according to the following worflow:

- Set a filter for uploads according to the exclude mask *_copied.*
- Connect and manually browse to specific directories which are different every day
- Enable "Keep remote directory up to date" option
- Auto-Upload any new file that is created in the local dir
- Rename all files to *_copied.* upon succesful upload
- Manually move files from the remote folder

With the workflow above, files should not be copied again with Auto-Sync because the exclude mask will prevent doing so. Only new files without _copied filename suffix will be uploaded.

No issues for the filter. That's pretty easy and straight forward. But for the renaming step, I have read some related topics, but scripts are attached to specific directories. I need the rename feature to be attached to the directories I have manually browsed to in the main interface (which is the way the "Keep remote directory up to date" option works with), as directories change every day. I also need to auto-rename all files after being uploaded, so the scritp should be applied automatically after every upload.

Any help, please?