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<Roseanne Rosanadanna> "Never mind."

OK I found the issue, it's the \AppData\Local\VirtualStore thing. Disturbing that Windows won't even find it when searching the whole C: drive.

Interestingly, this works fine on another Win7 PC. Working PC is Win7ProSP1, non-working is Win7Enterprise SP1. Both are pretty up to date on patching (aside from the whole Win7 thing).

Reboot - same

No change after the reboot.

Can't load .ppk file

I am developing a HowTo for using public key authentication for connections to an sftp server. I edit the Site Profile, Click Advanced, go to SSH-->Authentication, Select Tools, and generate keys (RSA). I put in a passphrase, save the public key file (which will be needed to give to the sftp site) in the "\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP" folder. I then save the private key file to the same folder. Since there's no 'Done' or 'Close' button I just 'X' the generate dialog.

Back in the Site Profile Advanced settings, I then click the '...' button to be able to select the file I just created - not found! When I look in File xplorer in that folder, neither the public nor private key files are there. But, if I open the Generate dialog again and Click "Load" (and existing key file), the file shows up. FYI the filename does NOT contain a space (I saw a forum post about that).

What am I doing wrong? Version 5.17.7 (and, it occurs to me now, I have updated today to that version but NOT rebooted. I'll see if I can squeeze that in).

Paul Trivino