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Re: Commands maybe

go one directory-level up
delete everything

Go to the current directory
Delete the selected files/folders

Commands maybe

thanks, that is a work-around.

cmd /C start "" cmd /C ""%WINSCP_PATH%\" /command "open !E" "cd !/" "rm !&" "exit" & "%WINSCP_PATH%\WinSCP.exe" "!E" /refresh "!/""

As I am not fluent with commands, does it mean this?
open a console
go one directory-level up
delete everything

Thank you

Thanks for clarifying.
I just set the simultaneous connections to 3 and got rid of the "too many connection" error.
And now I can change my local directory, search in WinSCP menu and so on while uploading files. That means WinSCP is working and still can handle inputs.
Deleting files on the server is less action than uploading files, so I assume the same inputs would be possible whilst deleting files if the status window would not be on top.
As a result of looking into the extension scripts, I assume that some script has to be changed to get the output "Deleting file..." not as a pop-up window. Would you agree with that?
This would not be a problem with SSH-access to the server, but in some cases there is only FTP on webhosting-services.

Re: Error messages/status window blocking effort

That's how WinSCP queue works. There's no setting to change it.

Error messages/status window blocking effort

Hi, i always get the "too many connections" error when uploading lots of files, and I cannot manage to set it without getting this error. But just waiting until the end and then one click to confirm the last error "OK", that's fine, or would be..
But I also have a status window when deleting files on the server, showing me the very slow success, may be 1 file per second.
The whole time the any message window is up, you cannot do anything in WinSCP.
That is a big advantage in say FilZilla, where I can look in and prepare another directory or change any settings or .. name it, while files are uploaded, deleted or whatever.
Is there a setting to hide these messages and get only a report at wish somewhere?
Thank you