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Thank you.

Hello Martin,

Thank you. I just could not see the extra = sign.


Date mask excludes files all the time.

I need a little help. I am running WinSCP Version 5.17.7 (Build 10640) (OS 10.0.18363 - Windows 10 Enterprise). I have several scripts that run using the date mask get -filemask=="*>1D" *.*.
The current script I have added uses the date mask as listed. The log states it will copy 2 files but then excludes the files. If I remove the date mask, the files are selected and copied. Unfortunately, the company I am retrieving the files from does not post them on the same date every month. Therefore I check the site once a day for new files. Any ideas what is causing the files to be excluded? I did adjust the date mask to check for the previous 2 days in case I had missed the 24 hour window but that met with the same exclusion.
Any ideas/help will be greatly appreciated. My apologies if it is something I just missed.
I have included the log for the site moderators.