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Re: support: automate upload & deletion in GUI

You cannot do this in GUI.
With scripting it's easy. You basically want to infinitely loop an upload script with -delete option. A naive implementation would be like:

:loop /command ^
   "open s" ^
   "put -delete C:\local\path\* /remote/path/" ^
timeout /t 30
goto loop

support: automate upload & deletion in GUI

Hello there WinSCP fans,

I was wondering if the following situation is solvable in the commander GUI:

- Client side uploads files to a remote sFTP Server
- Client side source files get deleted after upload
- (Remote processes files, so they vanish)
- Repeat steps automatically as soon as WinSCP detects changes in source directory

What I tried:
- Using 'keep remote up to date' until I noticed that a type of 'synchronization'is not what I want and the check box to delete files is in regard to the file target

If the above thing is not possible in the GUI, am I able to use a custom script and automate it to run via GUI?
Or should I stop worrying now and just script it and use the task sheduler?

I really appreciate your