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Re: Independent delete confirmation dialogs for local and remote

OK. Next version :-)
Anton P.

Independent delete confirmation dialogs for local and remote

Hi Martin,

Well, what can I say?! WinSCP has really come of age now that it's reached 3.8.0. (Ah, I remember the days when WinSCP was just a baby, and was the first bit of freely-downloadable GUI-based secure file transfer software available for Windows... Now it's world-famous :-)

There aren't many "core" features left to request! So my request this time is just a small one: I'd like to be able to configure the delete confirmation dialogs separately for the local and remote sides. Specifically, I'd like to see the dialog when deleting a remote file, but not when I'm deleting a local file (which will just go to the Recycle Bin where I can recover it later if need be).

Cheers---and thanks a million for such a great piece of software!