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Found the right spot. Works fine.. just need to write bat to run and delete the files after upload. One step at a time.

Re: SFTP 5 second break between uploads

If you can use PowerShell, you can do whatever you want. Just put Start-Sleep between Session.MoveFile calls.

SFTP 5 second break between uploads (answered x)

So bf I send large files to a company with winscp bat script. Basically mput *.tmp and then rename *.xml to alert the companions script to start downloading. But now they say its too much and too quick for their system. They need us to "have a break" between every rename. Few seconds at least. Names and amounts of the files change. How can I add few seconds so that when a file is uploaded and renamed, there is a break bf the next one. I can use powershell/winscp combo if it helps. I am not sure yet if it would also be ok to not rename just send it as .xml and have a break between upload. Would it be easier?