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Re: Trying To Understand How To Synchronize & Figure Other Stuff Out

Sorry, but I do not see a clear question in your post, which I can answer.
What do you need to help with? What are you trying to achieve?
Did you try starting here?

Trying To Understand How To Synchronize & Figure Other Stuff Out

First of all, I want to say thank you for the App. It's been useful to me to transfer from RuTorrent. I don't have big issues or errors but when I try to look for my issue in your guides, I get overwhelmed because I have no clue how to use script and I am afraid I am going to screw something up. This is obviously a user problem.
I oftentimes don't even understand what the problem is, ie. when I download from remote files to local files and they aren't in the same order is that a timestamp problem?
Another thing is that I really don't understand the sync at all. I run the sync and a list comes up but I am not sure what I supposed to do past that point. What I am looking to do is automatically transfer my files from the remote directory to the local directory.

Version of WinSCP you are using (you should be using the latest version if possible).
Version 5.17.7
If the problem started to occur after upgrade, mention the last version of WinSCP which was working for you.1
Version of Microsoft Windows you are running WinSCP on.
This is my first version of WinSCP. I have Windows 10 2004.

Transfer protocol (SFTP, FTP, SCP, WebDAV or S3).
I am using SFTP

Mention if you use GUI or scripting/automation. If you use GUI, specify interface style you are using (Commander or Explorer).
And this is where I am stuck. I have putty, powershell, cmd and I don't understand much about any of them.

I understand if you can't help me, but can you point me in the right direction as to how to understand how to use script?