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Re: 15 years later the remaining 10% ...

kuRyOres wrote:
(OK, there are issues...177 open, but 613 closed !)

I do not understand your post. First, that's client, not server. And I didn't wrote that you cannot write SSH server in PHP. But that you cannot implement SSH server using PHP script on a web server.

Re: php-based sftp server?

I'm 90% sure that it is not possible. You would not be able to emulate SSH server on HTTP server.

php-based sftp server?

My webhost adamantly refuses to support an sftp server. Supposedly too much overhead to support all their servers with it. Lots of people have been requesting, too.

So, while I look for a new webhost, I was wondering if anyone has heard/seen of an sftp server created in php. Probably all kinds of reasons it wouldn't work, but I'm curious.

Or, if anyone has a way that I can integrate winscp to connect to cpanel(our administrative backend) that would be cool to.

Thanks for suggestions.