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Re: Problem downloading files from SFTP site with batch job

Thank you. I managed to get it to work

Problem downloading files from SFTP site with batch job

I am trying to download files from a SFTP site using a batch file. While it seems to be connecting to the SFTP site I get the following error:
Unknown command '^'.

The system cannot find the path specified.
'"exit"' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. 

My batch file looks like the below:
@echo off
"D:\Utilities\WinSCP\" ^
/command ^
"open sftp://XXXXXXXXXXX/ -hostkey=""ssh-dss 1024 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"" -privatekey=""D:\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"" -rawsettings ProxyMethod=2 ProxyHost=""XXXXXXXXXXXXX"" ProxyPort=XXXXXXXX" ^
"lcd D:\Import\"
"cd /ARS" ^
"get -delete ARS_LAST_MT* D:\Import\"

ARS is the folder name of the SFTP site, and D:\Import\ is the folder name where I want to have my files downloaded. My files start with the name ARS_LAST_MT and have a timestamp to it. That's why I want to use a wildcard.

What am I doing wrongly here? I would be very thankful for any support.