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Thank you for your hard work. I only know too well how thankless software development can be even when open source. :)

Thanks for your feedback.

Perfect! It works really well. (

Thank you.

OK, I assume you have "Show Login dialog on startup and when the last session is closed" option enabled.
I'm sending you a new build.

Thanks so much for this. It does work but as you will see in this video that you have to close a session window to see the remembered session details behind it. You could miss it.

If it just showed the session details without having to close the new session window box it would be better.

Video: <invalid hyperlink removed by admin>


Re: Simple Feature Request - Remember session details for failed authentication

I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP.

Thanks. I made a small donation so you can buy a beer or two.

Simple Feature Request - Remember session details for failed authentication

Hi Guys,

Thanks for producing such fabulous free software. I've come from Mac and was a Panic - Transmit customer. That is the most fabulous FTP client and I miss it dearly.

WinSCP is by far the best I have found for my reluctant move to Windows but there is one highly frustrating "feature/bug".

If I enter a hostname, username and password and the connection fails or authentication is wrong everything gets lost. I'd love to be able to edit the session details without having to enter all the fields over again.

I'm a support agent and have to connect to so many FTP accounts each day. This small change would make using WinSCP far more pleasurable.

Thanks! :)