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Re: XML Logging

The application in question is in fact a legacy Delphi 2007 .NET Framework 2.0 project which we can't easily migrate to a more recent platform. The routine in question does a ls first and than, creating a new process, a get for the file(s) found.
Looking at the code again and using my debugger properly, I did since find the error and I can only say: sorry for bothering you... I did in fact not clear my script between the two calls and the call to get the file did execute the ls again... I was probably mislead by the .log file containing a line which reads:
. 2020-10-16 12:25:36.965 Script: Retrospectively logging previous script records:

But you're of course right, my original "observation" was a complete misconception.
Sorry again....

Re: XML Logging

Sorry, I do not understand. WinSCP cannot log anything from previous sessions. It does not remember anyhow, what happend in the previous sessions.

Btw, are you referring to .NET Process class? If you use .NET, you should use WinSCP .NET assembly:
And you won't have to deal with the XML logs at all.

XML Logging

I'm using to run automated tasks via the new Process and writing to standardinput method like in your example for continuous XML reading (
I'm using the /newinstance /log and /xmllog parameters to start a new process for every task to run.
My problem now is, that the XML log, though I'm using a new log file name on each occasion, always includes the results from the previous session(s). Is there a way to not have WinSCP to retrospectively log from previous sessions to both the /log as well as the /xmllog?

Thanks ever so much