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Indeed. Thanks. I've corrected that.
In the CMD window, it looks like the command to execute the script is the third line. That command results in "D host not found". I think the /script= switch is missing?

jjgurley wrote:

The first page of the scripting manual is a little misleading.

Do you have any suggestion for an improvement?

Never mind - got it all working. The first page of the scripting manual is a little misleading.

Getting off to a pretty slow start. It appears from the help file that
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" D:\scp.txt -ini=nul

should start winscp and fire up the script.
Instead I get the result
D:\>"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" D:\scp.txt

Searching for host...
Host "D" does not exist.

The -ini argument doesn't seem to make a difference.
It is useless if I have to manually run winSCP and invoke the script.

Simple automation task

I have a directory on my "client" and a similar director on a remote SFPT server.
I need to regularly (daily, hourly, etc) transfer all the new files to the server, then move them to a local subdirectory archive folder. Between transfers, the server will 'digest' the received files, although at an unpredictable rate.
My thought is I could use PUT to transfer all the files (not including subdirectories) to the server, then run an external script to move the files to the archive. I didn't notice an "exclude sub-directories" switch for PUT, and I didn't see a local move command in the scripting docs. If there's no sub-directory switch, I could move the archive up in the directory tree.

I've only been looking at the problem this morning, so don't rule out a rookie understanding and speed reading errors.