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Re: Feature Request: Upload File On Save

Thanks for your post.

This issue is being tracked already:
You can vote for it there.

Feature Request: Upload File On Save

Upload file on save

Upload file when a file is saved(/changed).
and upload only the saved file,
not other files like in [ keep remote directory up to date ]
that start a complete synch when a change is detected
and overwrites unwanted all kinds of other files aswell.

This would be such a welcome option for webdev.
Many webdev ppl are asking, looking, searching, for an option like this
trying to script it by there self some IDE for example VS-studio-code
has alpha buggy extensions that try to make it work,
in some netbeans it does work.
(that's the only program that I find where it actually works quit well)

But it would be so nice to have this option separated from an IDE/editor in
a FTP/SFTP program like WINSCP.
I did choose WINSCP because there is allready an option that has a file-watch
that i guess can be used for `Upload file on save` aswell.