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Linux Docker container not supporting WinSCP

I have been using WinSCP (v5.17.8) in .NET Core (v3.1) Background service to download the files from SFTP location. I don't have any issue when the service is running in Windows.
But I need to deploy this service as Linux docker container. I was able to build docker image successfully, but when I run the docker image I got this error from WinSCP, where I am trying to download the file from SFTP location.

2020-10-30 14:55:15.1108|ERROR|RfrCalculation.RfrCalculationService|Exception occurred while executing RiskFreeRate Calculation The named version of this synchronization primitive is not supported on this platform. - at System.Threading.EventWaitHandle.CreateEventCore(Boolean initialState, EventResetMode mode, String name, Boolean& createdNew)
at System.Threading.EventWaitHandle..ctor(Boolean initialState, EventResetMode mode, String name, Boolean& createdNew)
at WinSCP.ExeSessionProcess.TryCreateEvent(String name, EventWaitHandle& ev)
at WinSCP.ExeSessionProcess.InitializeConsole()
at WinSCP.ExeSessionProcess.Start()
at WinSCP.Session.Open(SessionOptions sessionOptions)
at Refinitiv.Financial.RiskFreeRate.Util.FtpUtility.DownloadFiles(String sourceDirectory, String sourceFilename, String localFileName) in /src/Util/FtpUtility.cs:line 126
at Refinitiv.Financial.RfrCalculationEngine.RfrCalculation.DownloadSourceFiles(String level) in /src/RfrCalculationEngine/RfrCalculation.cs:line 1455
at RfrCalculation.RfrCalculationService.ExecuteRiskFreeRateCalculation() in /src/RfrCalculation/RfrCalculationService.cs:line 64

Does WinSCP not support Linux docker container?