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Thanks for sharing your solution.

Hello Martin,

thanks for your reply! The steps provided didn't help, but I managed to find the issue:
It's the language settings (English - Slovenia) of my system! (Screenshot attached). When I changed everything to English - United States, the font bug went away.

Re: Internal editor font bug (newly typed text is shown in different font)

Thanks for your report. Though I cannot reproduce the problem. What I did:
- start WinSCP 5.17.8 with the default settings: winscp.exe /ini=nul
- cancel the Login dialog
- open any local file in the Internal Editor
- type some new text into the file
- copy and paste to WordPad
- everything is in Consolas font (what is clear even in the Internal Editor)

Internal editor font bug (newly typed text is shown in different font)

For the last few versions of WinSCP on Windows 10 I have noticed that any text I type when editing a text file on the server is shown in the wrong font.
When I paste the text contents from the Editor to WordPad, it shows that the newly typed lines use Calibri instead of Consolas.
If I then save the text, close the editor and re-open it, everything will be shown with the correct (Consolas) font again.
I have attached a screenshot of the issue.

- Clean install (all settings reset) of WinSCP 5.17.8 (Build 10803)
- Problem started occuring sometime in the last year
- Windows 10 64-bit (currently version 2004, OS build 19041.572, but same bug occured on previous builds, too)
- SFTP-3
- Commander style GUI
- Steps to reproduce: edit any text file using the internal editor