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Re: Title Bar white

It's fixed only in the latest 5.18 beta. Do you have that version?

Title Bar white

Hello there, I'm still getting a white title bar on dark mode. Running windows 10 pro 20H2. Lastest. Any other settings I should change? Thanks

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Martin,

The latest Dev Build has this fixed.


Re: Dark Title Bar on White Theme

Did you get the new version that fixes the always dark title?

Dark Title Bar on White Theme

Hi Martin,

Not sure if its intended, but the title bar is coming out dark when the white theme is set on the latest dev build.

Dark theme looks great by the way.

Also I am on the latest version of Windows 20H2.

- Thanks!

Thank you for sending me the development version. From my quick testing, it works perfectly! Thank you for your quick action!

Re: Immersive Dark mode / Dark title bar

Thanks for your elaborate port.

This issue has been added to the tracker:

I've opted to use DwmSetWindowAttribute with 20. So with support for 2004 and newer only.

Tomorrow, I'll send you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Immersive Dark mode / Dark title bar

I really like using WinSCP. It has been my daily-driver FTP client for years now. And I really enjoy WinSCP's dark theme. However, the bright white titlebar really sticks out and it would be very fitting to use Windows 10's (undocumented, but still commonly used) so-called 'Immersive dark mode'. There are several APIs to do this. I don't know a lot about C++, but from what my research yielded, those are the methods to enable a dark title bar on Windows 10:

1st method:
BOOL WINAPI SetWindowCompositionAttribute (

    HWND hwnd,

located in user32.dll using WCA_USEDARKMODECOLORS = 26

2nd method:
DWMAPI DwmSetWindowAttribute(

  HWND    hwnd,
  DWORD   dwAttribute,
  LPCVOID pvAttribute,
  DWORD   cbAttribute

(dwmapi.dll / dwmapi.h) using the undocumented constants DWMWA_USE_IMMERSIVE_DARK_MODE_BEFORE_20H1 = 19 (for Windows 10 versions before 2004) or DWMWA_USE_IMMERSIVE_DARK_MODE = 20 (for Windows 10 versions 2004 and later)

There are also the functions AllowDarkModeForWindow (uxtheme.dll, #133) and AllowDarkModeForApp (uxtheme.dll, #135)

I have written a small tool that lets me enable or disable dark mode for (almost) any open window, which let me take screenshots of how WinSCP would look with a dark title bar (please see attached screenshots).

I hope that this is enough information to get you started and I look forward to hopefully seeing this feature implemented in the future!

Best regards!