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I'm not sure what switches you refer to. There are many groups of unrelated switches with wide range of uses.

As I wrote above, I believe no switches functionally similar to the /synchronize reuse an existing session. I mean those covered in the "Operations" section.

The only exception is the /refresh, whose only purpose is to work with the existing sessions (and it is the only operation switch, which is documented to work like that). And it is actually quite different to the others.

Hi Martin, thanks for the feedback.
The /synchronize switch has the [mysession] parameter just like the other switches.
How come it does not behave like the others ?

I do not think the documentation claims it does.

The docs don't state this explicitly for any switch so I presumed all switches using the [mysession] parameter behave the same...

Re: "/synchronize" parameter does not seem to reuse existing session in GUI

Indeed the /synchronize (nor any other similar switch) does not reuse an existing session. I do not think the documentation claims it does.

"/synchronize" parameter does not seem to reuse existing session in GUI

Hi all,
Isn't this invocation syntax supposed to reuse an existing idle session from the GUI ?
winscp.exe [mysession] /synchronize [local_directory] [remote_directory] [/defaults[=secs]]

I've opened a session in the GUI manually, renamed the session to "linux", selected some files in the local pane, hit Synchronize with Both + Selected files only + Use same options next time and all went well.
I then tried to run winscp.exe linux /synchronize /defaults from the command line but the command tries to open a new session to host "linux" instead of reusing the existing session with this name which is active and idle.
The refresh invocation seems to work just fine
winscp.exe [mysession] /refresh [path]

Am I not reading the docs right ?
Thanks !