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Excellent. Thanks for the information!

Re: Working Directory vs Destination Path

Even the temporary files (if they are even used for that particular transfer) are stored to the destination folder. Only that can guarantee that they can be renamed to the final name.

Working Directory vs Destination Path

Hi Everyone,

I want to start by saying I love WinSCP. The forums and documentation are great, and I have really gotten a lot of use out of using WinSCP from the command line. My question is in regards to how files are processed on the local machine. So for example, if I am running WinSCP through a batch script to 'get' files like this (the rest of the script has been removed for irrelevance):

"get * -delete -filemask="%filemask%" %destination%\" ^

My thinking would be that the files (temporary or permanent) would be stored at that destination, so 'E:\DownloadFolder' or something along those lines. Is my thinking correct? Or are temporary files stored elsewhere during the process? Thanks,