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Re: d

travis wrote:

i got same thing.

When/how did it happen?

Man, it's kinda retarted to do that useless moves just to use public software, which could before notifying about updates - just make backup of previous settings, idk, maybe somewhere you forgot em... fclose or stuff like that, and somewhere after that that useless file descriptor used, idk man, just make some internal backup stuff, n++ already have something like that, why winscp can't? Idk..

I do not think it's related.
You already have your settings in a separate file. You can use any backup software to backup your settings file regularly.

i guess it's realted to topic above, like, i used it 5 mins ago, just closed every window, restarted my PC - and here we go. lmao.

Are u able to separate all sessions, bookmarks, general settings and stuff like that into separate files? And back them up on each 'Update window' popup with exactly datetime to get it easier for us to restore them back if they are disappear somehow...

I just got my session/settings purged...

I didn't anything, really, settings file was saved separately, on different disk at all... tf?