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Re: Am i using infected version of winscp?

Indeed, Jiangmin is notorious for flagging any version of WinSCP now and then as a virus. Just ignore it. Your checksum is correct.

In any case, you should be using the latest version of WinSCP.

Am i using infected version of winscp?


Currently am using version (5.15.5) Build 9925, is this version safe? i just scanned the winscp.exe file on virustotal and i saw one of the anti viruses shows it as backdoor

it is only 1 and i really never heard of it, but to double check i wanted to post here and ask if the checksum of winscp.exe version (5.15.5) Build 9925 is
sha256: 17037d3f25b2e2070e195594e0bda64f086b3f4890310cba6953491c067c6511

or am i using a manipulated version?