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Thanks, i used the DOS command to update everything at once

I thought i already did that but i couldn't find it again.
Now i see it's well hidden, and it holds only for one single saved session, it must be repeated for all the others.
I'll try to remember that, when creating a new session.

In case, it could be better it to be in the general options and change all the saved sessions at once: "per user/application" instead of "per session".

But the point 2 I listed is quite strange, anyway.


Re-entering a remote directory, we see it cached (as it was when opened las time during curr. sess.)

the WinSCP has a refreshing time, it can be customized, let's call this time T.
When entering a directory first time during the session it's fine, we see it as it is.
Problems (or confusing things) start when we go back to a directory we already visited, it's shown the local cached content.

1. Only after T seconds we will see the real content of the directory and the real values in "Changed" column (the time when files were last changed).

2. Let's suppose it's 10:05 I enter the remote directory /R/D, I see the file log_file.log that has "last changed" = 10:00; I go in another directory, and at 10:30 I go back in /R/D and I see that the log_file.log has still last changed = 10:00. I copy it on my local computer (Windows), still the last changed time is 10:00. I open the file, and see that it contains logs (changes) made at 10:20 (!)

3. In remote directory /R/D/build i have the binary file generated by a build process, i delete it and go in another folder. I start a build. I go back to /R/D/build and... no binary file present! Did the build go wrong? I wait T seconds or refresh, the binary file appears (!)

SOLUTION: could the folder be refreshed immediately when opening it? Eventually this behaviour could be disabled by user.

To reduce the problems, I have T = 10 seconds, and it's quite annoying also, because files are resorted during i am loocking at them every 10 seconds; i want to click one and i hit another one (for example if I sort them by date or size, and they are modified in background).

Personally, I would prefer to disable automatic refresh (i can refresh maually when i know that a folder could change) but when I enter a directory, i would like to see its real status (refresh on entering a dir).
Is it possible? Thanks.