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Perfect, thanks.

Yes pls.

Single click open folder

Single click open would be nice. It is an option in windows too so for people that use it it would unify their operation.

Not a bother, much appreciate.

OK, I see. I didn't know that feature. Thanks for your suggestion. We will see, if more people ask for this.

One good example of implementation of this very sophisticated functionality is 'Total Commander', a two-panel classic file manager where you can specify to 'Open files and directories with a single click' under Configuration > Operation > Main program section.
Saying that, pretty much any file manager I've used would have this option or it would simply respect the system-wide click policy, apparently not WinSCP.

Single click open files/directories policy?

Is there a setting to set single-click file/directory open in WinSCP?
I could not see it anywhere.
Thanks in advance,