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Figured it out

figured it out.

1. View Remote File, 2. Remote File Changes on Server Side, 3. View Remote Again doesnt show changes

Let's say i view the error_log file found on the server. Now, let's say i sit in this directory and behind the scenes the server updates this error_log file but since i don't hit the refresh button (or F5) it still visually shows the error_log file as not updated. Now, if i go to view the error_log file again it still shows the old content. I would need to refresh the server side page before i could then view the file and see the changes.

Is there a way so that i don't have to hit refresh and it will still request from the server the latest error_log contents instead of relying on some local cache assumptions?
I already know there is a Preferences > Panels > Remote > Refresh remote Panel every xx secs but that seems kinda of overkill when WinSCP simply just has to make a request to the remote server for the same file instead of using the cache. In other words, i dont want it to cache.