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Re: Automatically Refresh Directory BEFORE Operation

Thanks for your suggestion.
We will see, if more people ask for this.

Automatically Refresh Directory BEFORE Operation

So you have the "Automatically Refresh Directory Before Operation" checkbox found under Options > Preferences > Panels > Remote ... however, it would be nice if you had the same ability "BEFORE" an operation.

Use Case: If the server's file gets updated before i begin downloading then the file attributes will not reflect this change and so if i had the file already open in a text editor it will not be notified of the change and i wont see the update. I would need to close the file and reopen to see the changes. And even then the file date would now not match the server even though the new content would. If the operation had refreshed before it did the download not only would the local file date now match the server but if it were already open in a text editor i would be notified of the changes too.