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Re: Please make tabs scrollable

@Jimmyk3362: That's not an expected release date. That's the date of the last change. There's no release date for 6.0 set yet.
Also note that despite this topic subject, the tabs were not make scrollable. Instead they shrink, the way most current webbrowsers work.
I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Re: Please make tabs scrollable

@martin: I just saw this has been added to v6.0. Very excited about this feature.
The version history page shows 6.0's expected release date as 2021-08-13. Any updates on when it'll be available? Is there a beta for it?

I also voted for this issues

Please make tabs scrollable


Can you please make the open connections tabs scrollable.

For example, as a developer I usually have over a million tabs open. Use any of the good text editors and if you have more tabs open than horizonal space allows for, you can use your mouse wheel to scroll through them. But with WinSCP you have to use the left and right arrows to the right of the tabs, it just seems unintuitive and annoying when on text editors, browsers etc. I can just use my mouse wheel.

Thank you!