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OK - I figured out what he did.

He used a third part software for the SFTP and manually stored credentials in it. Once I got control of that software, I was able to create a credential that your software uses and it let me in to decrypt all the files in the system.

Would not have looked so deeply into the server to find the other software without you prodding me about system passwords so thanks.

The person who is no longer with us is also the person that set this up so we are at another disadvantage. He recorded we had admin credentials to log into this software but they did not work. All the pre-saved profiles have his old ID saved and a password.

So, are we saying that the folder the files are saved into, say c:\MyFiles. WinSCP does not store or utilize credentials exclusive to winSCP. It uses credentials under users and groups within the sever with rights to the folder. I should technically be able to build a new account or use a system admin account to log into the session?

When I input the Master password, I get a network error: Software caused a connection abort under one of his saved sessions pointing to an external IP.

Under his other session, he is pointing to The one appears to process with searching, connecting, authenticating, user name, Pre entered password then access denied. I am attempting to use a credential with rights to the folder and server.

Do I have a different issue than just a credential issue? Other than the fact I am new and clueless on this process?

Re: Support: Lost Credentials

What does it mean "our credentials in winSCP"?
Are you referring to the credentials to your servers?
Or WinSCP master password that protects the credentials saved in WinSCP?

Support: Lost Credentials

Nightmare Scenario. Employee changed our credentials in winSCP and left the company. Claims they no longer remember the creds. Our attempts to guess the password(s) have failed. We found a powerscript that allowed reset of MasterPassword but all it did was put a pop-up in the middle of attempted login process. Not able to get in to manage credentials or access files. We have a lot of files in there that we learned were never processed by the former employee.

Is there anyway to recover? Hail Mary's or last rights? Looking for experts to help point us in a direction.