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.Net Core, WinSCP Nuget, Docker on Linux

Hello Martin,

I have a .Net Core app, I added WinSCP as NuGet package,
Here is the entry in Project.csproj
<PackageReference Include="WinSCP" Version="5.17.9" />

I want to run the application using docker on a linux machine.
The application runs fine, but when it tries to open an FTP session it throws the below error:

FTP File transfer error The winscp.exe executable was not found at location of the assembly WinSCPnet (/app), nor the entry assembly ParserProject (/app), nor in an installation path. You may use Session.ExecutablePath property to explicitly set path to winscp.exe.

Although, I have the WinSCPnet.dll and WinSCP.exe under /app inside the container. I tried to rename WinSCP.exe to winscp.exe, and it throws the below error:
FTP File transfer error The version of /app/winscp.exe () does not match version of this assembly /app/WinSCPnet.dll (